*** 40 Grade oil over 12 quarts will be charged $3.87 Conventional and $10.50 for synthetic per additional quart *** Lube Dude provides premium MOBIL oil products in three grades 20, 30, and 40 in both conventional (mineral) and full synthetic. Our 10 point maintenance inspection with every oil change will identify potential problems and help keep your vehicle running between maintenance checks. We are not here to up-sell any services but can provided some basic maintenance care through our our add-on services. Take a look below for more specific details as these services are only provided upon request. 10 Point Inspection and fluid top-off with every Oil Change Brake fluid Power steering fluid Transmission fluid Radiator fluid Washer fluid Battery inspection Wiper blades Air filter Belts and hoses Tire pressure Tire Rotation $25.00 Check and Inspect tires for any damage, check for uneven wear, and measure tire tread depth. Inspect brake pad wear, shocks, and struts.  DOT Inspections Light Truck $50.00 Medium Truck $75.00 Semi Tractor/Heavy Trucks $100.00 Tractor/Trailer Combos $125.00 Light/Medium Trailers $35.00 Semi Trailers $50.00